Allow us to introduce the wide range of skin care products used here at Skin Solutions Edinburgh, the following products are used during hair removal/reduction, skin peels, facials and Caci non-surgical face-lift treatments:

Jan Marini has been developing a wide range of effective skin care products for over 30 years.

Bioglycolic – the most extensive group in the range of products, including two skin rejuvenating and resurfacing agents.

C-ESTA – the culmination of years of medical research and features some of Jan Marini’s best known formulations containing Vitamin C.

Transformation – Jan Marini Skin Research Transformation line combines state of the art technologies to introduce a new era in skin rejuvenation and hydration.

Age Intervention – a breakthrough in anti-ageing technology for adult women and is designed to target female skin changes that occur because of the gradual drop of oestrogen production.

Antioxidants – formulated to reverse and prevent damage by free radicals.

Skin Zyme Range – Skin Zyme mixes the magic of exotic fruit enzymes for an effective and natural means of skin exfoliation. Additionally, these products complement other skin care regimes, such as treatments for acne, age spots and scar reduction.

Lustre – Lustre pure light can treat spots at home, developed by leading dermatologists and tested by healthcare professionals. Lustre Pure Light harnesses the safe, natural blue part of the visible light spectrum and uses clinically proven technology to eliminate spot-causing bacteria, while also being gentle on skin. Portable enough to walk about with it on.

For a limited time while stocks last we are pleased to announce we will be giving our customers Lustre pure light for an outstanding price of £250.

And many more

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