Find out more about the facials and skin peels on offer from Skin Solutions, a skincare clinic based in Edinburgh

Age Intervention Facial

Jan Marini Facial

This facial incorporates an entirely new concept in topical anti-ageing and skin regeneration that benefits any skin type. The mask incorporates technology with a host of powerful anti-ageing, anti inflammations including the new red wine longevity extract. Reveveratrol all combined with remarkable skin rebuilding peptide blends.

Treatment Price
Age Intervention Facial £50
Age Intervention Facial (Course of 6) £250

Proteolytic Enzyme Facial

This non-glycolic enzyme facial is a scientifically based method of effective exfoliation and skin resurfacing. Clients will see an Immediate improvement in skin texture and clarity with skin appearing smoother and more refined.

Treatment Price
Enzyme facial £50
Enzyme facial (Course of 6) £250

C-esta Facial

This treatment will encourage collagen production, repair free radical damage and enhance facial tone. the C-esta facial will provide Instant visible results. The skin will appear smoother, brighter, more supple, firm, lifted and contoured.

Treatment Price
C-esta facial £50
C-esta facial (Course of 6) £250

Enlighten Facial

Enlighten Facial is designed to brighten and encourage the uniform appearance of stubborn discoloration enlighten contain two typical agent that address the appearance of facial discoloration and are combined with all trans/ retinal a potent anti ageing tool. For enhance resurfacing and refining effects for greater smoothness and hydration and will assist in helping resolve facial discoloration Will minimize fine lines and wrinkles suitable for all skin types.

Treatment Price
Enlighten facial £50
Enlighten facial (Course of 6) £250

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