A-B-C’s of Beating the Book

Truly amazing. Unbelievable. When you stop to think about it, the amount of money wagered annually during football season would boggle your mind. Millions of dollars laid down by tens of thousands of bettors, excited to distraction by the irresistible attraction of that ever-elusive quarry, the point spread winner. “If the three singles win and I pop on my parlay, Ill take home this much, and then I will buy this, that or the other thing for the wife. Or maybe I’ll pad the bankroll and up the ante a little next week, or maybe…” There is only one ‘maybe’ that never seems to be considered: “Maybe I’ll lose.” Post-game symptoms, however, cannot be denied. The lump in the throat, the nausea, the nervousness, anxiety and depression, wondering where you’re going to get the bread to feed your man. It’s never easy to face reality of a ufabet บอลออนไลน์  dream, which has been shattered, of the money, which has been lost. Sound familiar? All of us have endured that kind of disappointment at one time or another. How many have learned from the bitter experience? How many have used it to help build a better “football betting foundation?” Losses should at least win experience for us. We need to question ourselves when we lose. Ask ourselves not how did I lose, but why did I lose. Rather than worry about the fumble at the inopportune moment or the blown call by the zebra or the lack of instant replay, which might have “cost us the game,” we need to concern ourselves with what led us to choose that particular game in the first place.

The answer for the average sports gambler can usually be attributed to a deficiency in one or more of three critical areas: Knowledge, Preparation Time, or Expertise.