Discover the #1 Way to Gain Muscle Weight

Here are some of the top ways to gain weight and do it quickly. Use
these tips on how to gain weight fast and you’ll soon be adding pounds
of muscle to your skinny frame. You’ll learn how to build muscle quickly
and effectively.

While there are many variations on ways to gain weight, there are
a few basic rules to follow for everyone. Once you use these tips on
how to gain weight fast, you can begin testing and experimenting with
different exercises, training splits, and training days. But the rules
on how to build muscle must be followed, no matter what routine you use.

The top ways to gain weight for adding pounds of muscle fast to your skinny guy frame
is to squat. For those of you who hate to squat or shy away from that
kind of hard work, either get over it, or accept being skinny. Now, if
you truly have a real reason for not squatting, then apply everything
on this page to the deadlift instead.

If you are at all serious about gaining weight you will begin squatting as
is your life depended on it. Of all the ways to gain weight, this is the
most crucial one.

Squats are the absolute king of weight gain exercises, bar none.
No other ways to gain weight come close with the possible exception of the

If you hate to squat you can do Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer one of two things – you can
forget about gaining lots of muscle, or you can learn to love
the results you get from squatting so that you learn to love the
squat itself.

Having said that, there are people that have trouble squatting
for legitimate reasons. In addition, some body types are not
conducive to squatting well. For example, if you are long
and lean, squats can be difficult and you may end up working
your lower back a lot more than your legs.

If that’s the case, you’ll probably be better off substituting
the deadlift for the squat. In fact, better yet would be to
alternate between the two. Do a six week 20 rep squat program,
followed by a normal training routine for eight to ten weeks
and then go to a six week 20 rep deadlift routine.