Keep your team happy and motivated with EasyTip

Even the most experienced business owners will find it difficult to navigate the hospitality sector. Even though customers return and normality returns to normal, there are still many obstacles that can impede a smooth recovery.

According to a study done by Deputy, the annual turnover of staff in the hospitality industry was 30% in 2019, which is double that of the UK. The situation has worsened due to Brexit and Covid. It can be detrimental to morale and productivity if key members of your team are lost. The success of the hospitality industry depends on finding and keeping the best employees. EasyTip can help you create a happy environment with motivated staff.

Your hospitality staff works hard, and their exceptional service is what makes your business unique. They are your backbone and will keep your customers coming back. Loyal customers are willing to tip and workers deserve generous rewards. But habits have changed.

Tipping has changed as we shift away from cash. Staff are finding it difficult to get the same cash tips that they used to expect. EasyTip, the best platform to collect and distribute tips transparently and fairly is cashless tipping. EasyTip’s software package is completely free to businesses. It can also be customized to meet the specific needs of any service or hospitality venue.

The eliminates the hassles of accepting tips via bank cards. The platform also complies with HMRC regulations and service charges regulations so that you can be confident on all fronts.

EasyTip is a great tool for your business. Take, for example:

Tipping is now easier, faster and more fair for everyone.

EasyTip allows customers to tip using a QR code. This makes it easy to use and powerful. Cashless tips can be sent directly to staff bank accounts. Depending on how the setup is set up, the tips can be easily split and distributed in a fair and transparent manner. Although venues may choose to collect tips in a variety of ways, EasyTip can help you create a transparent and consistent tipping system that your staff will love.

Earn up to 20% More per Month for Employees

Our online tipping platform can be extremely lucrative for staff. It allows them to have more control over their earnings. The Deputy study found that 63% of hospitality staff left their jobs due to unsatisfactory benefits and pay. EasyTip can help alleviate any dissatisfaction by offering a customized contactless tipping system. EasyTip can help staff increase their take-home pay by up to 20% per month, according to evidence. This is all without any cost to the company!

All tips can be viewed live by employees.

Our tipping platform instantly notifies employees via their smartphones with information about when and how much they have been tipped. We believe that employees should be able to know exactly what time and how much they were tipped. How does this work? It is very easy. Restaurant customers will find a QR code to tip on their receipt. This takes them to the page of the restaurant staff member who served them. For salons and other venues the QR codes on our bespoke merchandise allow customers to choose the right staff member by scanning the code. The customer can tip using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or by card.

EasyTip offers many additional benefits to help you succeed. It’s more than just a tip-service or platform to simplify troncs. It’s also an excellent technology resource that will keep everyone focused on customer service and foster a team spirit. When interviewing potential employees, make sure to mention that EasyTip is connected and all the other selling points.