Notre Dame Football Team and Why They Lost Against North Carolina

Have you become as annoyed as I have with Notre Dame Football? I am a huge fan of Notre Dame and will always love the Irish, but I am very frustrated with the loss to North carolina. They lost for the same reason they tried to blow the game against Stanford. Here is my evaluation of the games.

The first thing that went wrong started against Stanford when Notre Dame had a 3 touchdown lead. This was in the third quarter and instead of putting up a couple more touchdowns and closing the game out they decided to become a shell of an offense and be conservative. They also became conservative on Defense allowing Stanford to come back and แทงบอลออนไลน์ only lose by a touchdown.

Instead they should have kept being aggressive and scoring points. One more touchdown would have closed it out for good. Also, it did not help that a highly talented high school kicker recruited by Notre Dame missed two field goals in the game and was 1 for 7 at the end of the game.

Now against North Carolina it was a lot of the same, but still a bit different. Clausen made a huge mistake, but the coach should have seen that this would happen and called a different play. Notre Dame was up 17 to 9 at the beginning of the second half and got the ball back. This is when Clausen threw an interception that was ran back for a touchdown.

This happened on a little out route that had almost been jumped a couple times in the first half. It was time to use the old pump fake and send the guy deep for the dagger in the throat. If they would have done this even if it ended up as a deep interception the score would have been the same. If they complete it, then it is probably a touchdown and Notre Dame can start to pull away.

On top of that they defense got conservative with the lead again and gave up points. They stopped blitzing and started giving shorter pass plays so the North Carolina offense could walk right down the field. Weis needs to start putting up points like crazy and getting his team to play a complete game. If they can do this, then the Notre Dame football team will beat teams like North Carolina by four touchdowns.