Warhammer Online Leveling Guide – The Best Way to Level Up

As a Warhammer fan, when WAR Online got released I got it and started playing. Having little experience in online games, it was very hard for me to level. Noticed that you could level from killing mobs and doing quests or from killing players. I chose the questing and mob killing bit because in PvP I had no idea what to do. Leveling was pretty slow, so I began looking for some outside help under the form of a Warhammer Online leveling guide.

Having only played Warhammer in single player modes and having little experience in online games, leveling in WAR was pretty hard for me. The huge world plus all the NPCs and people around really got me disoriented. At first, people used to ask me all sorts of questions in different chat channels and had no idea how to reply to them. Leveling through scenarios requires for you to have some common knowledge about this sort of things. So what was left for me was the PvE, or how it’s called, as a leveling method. A friend more experienced in MMOs suggested a Warhammer Online leveling guide. At first thinking he was pulling my leg, I dismissed the idea of a guide. How can there be a leveling guide for a game. But after seeing how hard it can be for a newb like me to level up, the Warhammer Online leveling guide became a more and more situs slot terpercaya relevant solution.

Thus the search began over the Internet for a leveling guide. After reading several pages and other players opinions I made a choice. After getting the guide, I read it once from top to bottom to see what it was all about. It basically told me which quests to get and where and how to complete them. All of that in step-by-step instructions that were marked on a map in the guide. Such a guide is very easy to use and soon after realized it was actually helping me level too. The game suddenly became more friendly to me and was able to achieve levels easily and without any confusion. Using a leveling guide I even began to understand the games mechanics and was soon ready for some PvP. When I entered the first Tier 4 scenarios I was ready to unleash hell. Of course that didn’t happen because players are not mobs, so more training was required. None the less, the leveling truly helped me understand a very nice game which will be enjoyed by me for a long time to come.

My advice to everyone who has trouble leveling would be this: don’t let the game take you down, instead of lingering for days on a single level, do something about it. Using a great tool like a leveling guide will get anyone far in WAR. So if you want to get to know the game better, reach the level cap as fast as possible and enjoy T4 open RvR, consider using a Warhammer Online leveling guide.