Why Are Churches Full and Football Stadiums Empty? What Football Can Learn From Church Marketing

Well, no, it is not the promise of heaven that makes churches full. But how is the church related to football? Angus Buchan a farmer and Man of God was forced to sell his farm on the cheap in Zambia in the 70’s. He decided to trek down south and settled near Greytown Kwazulu Natal in South Africa, where he set up a farm. The hardships of the time made him turn to God. He set up the Shalom ministries on his farm to serve the lord and primarily focused on the youth. Angus says that for years he thought that he needed to do more for Christ, this led him to start the Mighty Men Conference (MMC) in 2006.

A convention focused on preaching to men, asking them to turn to God and also teaching them how to become good husbands and parents. The first convention in 2006 attracted 1000 men to the Shalom farm and in 2008 Buchan expected 30,000 men. Surprise, surprise, 60,000 men turned up from all corners of the world. There was no advertising, there was no selling. It all happened by customer evangelism word of mouth marketing miracle. Angus has repeated this pulling factor at Loftus in Pretoria, Newlands in Cape Town and several other places.

Was there anything new the men who turned up heard? I do not think so. The word of God has been the same since the coming of Jesus Christ but, the people of God have mastered ways to connect, attract, engage and reach out to people continuously. They never end a service without appealing to those present to act as disciples and lure new converts to the fold.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome an architect turned evangelist, night of bliss in Johannesburg (March 2008) on the other hand was preceded by a flurry of advertising and massive customer evangelism. Hundreds and hundreds of cars spotted the poster for the convention. There were flyers at every turn (if you refused a flyer in the street you would find it at your home), electronic boards, TV, radio, name it, were utilized to promote the convention. If you want to know how a buzz is created, this is it.

The day of the convention was described in the papers as overwhelming. The vehicle gridlock in the area was sickening to say the least.

Why are these conventions characterized by massive turn out?

It is not only at conventions that the church gets a full house turn out. Many church services do it every Sunday. When you think about it, it all boils down to that extra creativity in connecting, relating, attracting and keeping people. On daily basis the church people reach out to converts and prospects, an SMS there, an email here, a visit to homes, a prayer there and many other ways. No effort is spared to reach out to its people and prospects every day. What is even more amazing is that they do it at every opportunity in many small ways. The result of this is a creation of revving converts and well bond communities. These results are there for us to see, a full house through out the year, every Sunday.

How is religion related to football?

There are a lot of similarities between football and the church. Like the church, football has billions of converts. But football has not been able to have a full house in most countries despite having fewer times, when people are called upon to come together as compared to religion that does it every Sunday. This major disparity in success boils down to how religion connects with people and football does not. This is the point. English football www.ufabet decoded this mystery.

Good football can not remedy the problem of empty stadiums, just like the promise of heaven to churches. It has not and it will never.

Football should move away from lipstick marketing to true creative aggressive marketing. This calls for attracting, engaging, connecting and entertaining fans, then repeat the process creatively, everyday, just like the charismatic church does. You have to appeal to the converted to be disciples for your team. They have to bring in more converts and the new converts should do the same. Like the church! In no time you will be able to fill the stadiums consistently.