Why Choose an LCD TV?

If you’re buying a new television, you’ll find that you have many different options. Your choices can include LCD televisions, plasma televisions, or even some tube televisions. The LCD TVs have become more and more popular recently, and there are many reasons why.

LCD televisions have an advantage in size and weight. It is easy to see that an LCD is much thinner than an equivalent tube television, but it is also a little thinner than a plasma TV. The difference in weight between an LCD television and a tube television is enormous. Even a plasma TV can be twice the weight of an LCD TV. All of this means that LCD televisions are easier to handle, and easier to mount on a wall.

If you’re tired of having to turn down theĀ  TCL Google TV lights and shut the blinds when you watch TV, then LCD has just the technology you’re looking for. LCD televisions screens produce much less glare than other television screens. And LCD TVs are brighter than other televisions as well.

LCD TVs are very unlikely to suffer from “burn-in.” This gives them an edge over plasma and tube televisions. If a plasma or tube TVs displays a fixed image for too long, it sometimes leaves behind “ghost images.” This degrades picture quality, and clashes with what you want to see on the screen. In LCD televisions, this is extremely rare.

LCDs can be used for more than just watching normal TV or HDTV. You can hook up composite video devices to an LCD TV, component video devices, and even computers. Using a plasma screen television as a computer monitor is not recommended. Computers display many still images. This increases the risk of burn-in on a plasma TV. Also, still images and text tend to have a rough, irregular look on plasma televisions. On LCD televisions, burn-in is rarely a problem, still images are clear and distinct, and text is easy to read.